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Time to say goodbye

It’s been 7 years since I first played keyboards on stage with the rock band „Juraya“. One album, many single

27. März 2024
Recording Vocals

Underneath the roof there is enough space to install a microphone, 4 mattresses and the studio equipment. It’s a bit

3. August 2023
Summer studio

This year, the summer studio is in my hometown in Steg. For the first time I have enough space to

29. Juli 2023
Refalling …

… in love with you – this is the name of the first single release of the band „Patskats“. Last summer

2. Mai 2023
Guest at Glowsound

Studio session with Fabrizio Egger @Glowsound Studio in Hindelbank (BE). Composing, arranging, recording piano and accordion – what could be

17. März 2023
En français…

Adrian Forrer et moi parlons (ou essayons) d’hommes-billes, de semaines de composition de chansons et du nouvel album de Juraya

23. Januar 2023
Fränk – Zwüsche Guet U Bös

Singer- & Songwriter „Fränk“ releases his new album „Zwüsche Guet U Bös“. The 10 songs tell about yin & yang

26. November 2022
Starkings feat. George

When I was a little boy, my mother (thank God) heard decent music in the car ;-). I regularly „bathed“

5. November 2022
Salento – Roberto Brigante

For many years our paths have crossed again and again. Recently this beautiful song has come into being, which exudes

9. Oktober 2022
Fränk & Irgendwenn

In the ballad „Irgendwenn“ I accompany singer „Fränk“ ( on piano and strings. The song was recorded and produced by

13. August 2022