Recording Vocals

Underneath the roof there is enough space to install a microphone, 4 mattresses and the studio equipment. It’s a bit

3. August 2023
Summer studio

This year, the summer studio is in my hometown in Steg. For the first time I have enough space to

29. Juli 2023
Refalling …

… in love with you – this is the name of the first single release of the band „Patskats“. Last summer

2. Mai 2023
Guest at Glowsound

Studio session with Fabrizio Egger @Glowsound Studio in Hindelbank (BE). Composing, arranging, recording piano and accordion – what could be

17. März 2023
En français…

Adrian Forrer et moi parlons (ou essayons) d’hommes-billes, de semaines de composition de chansons et du nouvel album de Juraya

23. Januar 2023
Fränk – Zwüsche Guet U Bös

Singer- & Songwriter „Fränk“ releases his new album „Zwüsche Guet U Bös“. The 10 songs tell about yin & yang

26. November 2022
Starkings feat. George

When I was a little boy, my mother (thank God) heard decent music in the car ;-). I regularly „bathed“

5. November 2022
Salento – Roberto Brigante

For many years our paths have crossed again and again. Recently this beautiful song has come into being, which exudes

9. Oktober 2022
Fränk & Irgendwenn

In the ballad „Irgendwenn“ I accompany singer „Fränk“ ( on piano and strings. The song was recorded and produced by

13. August 2022
Juraya is back

The rock band „Juraya“ released their 3rd single „c’mon c’mon“. Besides the keyboard recordings with Marcel Jeker I also contributed

31. Juli 2022